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    Hi there knowledgeable people, I need some help please!


    After 11 years here we're moving back to the UK for a few years for family reasons.

    Trying to arrange shipping is painful as everyone wants to do the whole packing and shipping door to door.

    Has anyone shipped back to the UK by packing and loading a container themselves? Who did you use? I phoned loads that say on their websites they do this but when I speak to them they say they don't or they don't call back. I guess they must just not need the one off work.


    We need a 20ft container as taking my partner's dirt bike back as well, he's only had it a month so not sure if we'll have to pay duty. Everything I can find is to do with road registerable bikes/vehicles so not sure if same applies. We've paid the GST here and he'll be keeping it in the UK.


    Any help of your experiences and recommendations would be great, thanks all



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    Hello and welcome.


    Afraid I can't help with the self packing and shipping back to the UK. Hopefully you'll get some joy and find something. Perhaps try this company and see if they can help you? Even if its to give you pointers on how to get a container and arrange to ship it or to point you to someone who could help. Or who knows, they could deal with this sort of stuff. I know they deal with lots of shipping stuff internationally.




    I know going from the UK to Aus there are not many options for self packing and shipping. I read or one or two people buying their own container and shipping it.

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    Try also move cube? Depending on how much you are taking - you can pack it and unpack it yourself.


    We used them on 2 occasions and could not fault the service.


    You get your stuff door to door. Easy. And can pay extra for help with loading and unloading if needed to.

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