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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone.


    I've been a lurker for a few days as my husband and I are seriously considering a move to Aus when I have finished my Adult Nursing degree.


    I am in my 2nd year so our move is a long way off and ideally I'd like to get 12 months experience under my belt before I register in Aus as I don't want to be stuck getting a job.


    Our Son would be around 11 if we make the move when we'd like and my husband wants to get a job in hgv driving.


    We're not 100% adelaide is where we want to go but it certainly ticks alot of boxes.


    I am a planner and love lists so planning starts now with what we have to do in what order and also how much we should start saving each month.


    I love reading your stories and I am also a member of the Poms in Oz.


    Any tips or advice would be much appreciated even though I am in the very early stages. I am keen! Xx

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    Hello and a belated welcome from me. I don't know how I missed this when it was posted but I did :unsure:


    Not sure if I've any tips or advice so far from a possible move apart from save as much as you can and research lots on possible states that appeal to you. Not specific areas within these till nearer the time but at least narrow down the sort of place you want to be in and why. Each state is going to have its plus and minus points as will each city or town within those. If Adelaide appeals, consider that in a few years the work for nursing may not be in Adelaide or the Adelaide area but in the more rural or remote towns in the state. That the Adelaide market may be saturated with nursing staff and work hard to come by. Or it may have gone the other way and need more nurses here.


    I think until you are ready to apply for a visa, if its a SS visa or another type, you can't decide for sure where to head. But nothing wrong with researching, reading and all that :biggrin:

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