Renting as a new comer

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    Hi folks,


    Called me Harry.


    I've just arrived Australia under 190 scheme and currently staying at a hotel.


    I've been inspecting several houses and making some applications; but somehow, I feel it a bit difficult to be a newcomer to rent a house. That's because I realize the majority of an application form are for Rental History, Employment and References, which I have none. So I left all of them empty. All I have with me at the moment is a $20,000 saving account.


    Could you guy please tell me how I can improve my chance of renting a house here in Adelaide?


    Thank you very much!

    - Harry

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    Hello Harry and welcome!

    I get calls all the time from property agents for references for guests. As you are staying in a hotel maybe you could offer to pay a few months upfront, provide financial details showing that you have some funds etc.

    If there's a home that grabs you, try to make an impression with the rental agent...have a chat!

    Hotels are impersonal and expensive. Maybe there's a furnished rental your side of the world that you could stay in for a couple of weeks or so. Your landlord would likely be happy to provide you with a reference for your stay and there's a point of contact for the agent to phone.

    All the best...

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    Have you any character references from previous employers?

    May be you could write a type of resume giving information about yourself but designed to impress a Rental agent.

    Have you thought about getting a share house with others, where there will not be the competition as there would be for a sole tenancy. I sometimes see places on Gumtree.

    Once you have a "history", you will find places easier to rent.

    Is your account with a local bank? A landlord needs to know you will be putting down roots in the area.

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    Hey all,


    Thank you for all the suggestion and advice. I've finally rented a house.


    What I did was to include a balance confirmation (because my bank account was just created, there were no bank statements yet) and a sincere cover letter together with the application. I also offered to pay 3-6 months upfront, although not all of them needed that.


    Just to share with those newbies like me who are and will be finding a house here.


    Cheers :)

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