John Browning

The Nuclear Industry In South Australia : closing the loop

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    [h=2]closing the loop[/h]

    Let's open up Tamara's debate a bit further by trying a few "what-if" propositions


    For instance.......How would this work as an alternative closed-loop business model:


    A) Olympic Dam continue to produce the yellow cake as a side- product of it's copper mining process


    B) instead of shipping out 44 gallon drums of uranium ore, OD goes the extra step of producing the fuel rods


    C) the value-added product is then
    leased not sold
    to a specific certified Nuclear Authority

    - and
    they pay
    a really substantial
    deposit on each fuel rod, in addition to the lease fee.


    D) the Nuclear Authority can't claim the deposit back until the rod is returned intact (-
    at their expense), to be buried

    (-possibly back in the very same stope where the ore originated)



    ........comments from you lot?




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