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    I recently arrived in Adelaide on a 189 visa and am looking for an apprenticeship as an electrician. I'm an electrical engineer by trade but need to get my electrical license. I would greatly appreciate any opportunities that anybody knows of as I am desperate to work but am struggling to find work due to the lack of the license. My skills are currently being assessed by Peer Veet and they think I could get on to the third or fourth year of the apprenticeship due to my industry experience. I'm hard working, reliable and desperate to get the old grey matter working. Happy to do any kind of electrical work, house bashing, industrial, mining I am open to any opportunity.


    thanks in return.

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    Star... Like most places getting the first few runs on the board is the vital bit.


    -Have you considered getting your toe in the door with ,say, an Air Conditioning firm. (qv Carrier, Sharpe, Climat etc etc)


    And don't overlook that most big computer firms, as well as the Grain Corporations use Air Con (-or the equivalent) big time


    -they'll have you running around like a blue arsed fly for the first few weeks, ducking around the ducting, but as soon as they work out your potential, they should be looking at making better use of your talents.


    If you are willing to do the FIFO thing....ABB still have big presence in the Mining Industry ( yes -contrary to what you will hear on this Forum , there still is a mining industry in South Australia)


    -Either's always easier to get a job when your in a job


    In terms of PVR there is still a lot of Domestic work around especially if you are prepared to work Country areas, and there are some bigger semi commercial projects in the Mid North


    (-however, suspect the steam has gone out of the WindFarm industry (qv Veolia)

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    Thanks John,


    plenty of of food for thought, I agree I have missed the boat with the wind farm industry in SA, in the right place at the wrong time unfortunately. Plenty of work on the windfarms in Sydney and Melbourne but not FIFO.

    Fortunately my wife just secured a role as environmental health officer, two interviews and two job offers........I've applied for 59 jobs and had one interview, I'm somewhat pigeon holed in my trade as a high voltage and protection engineer which in oz requires the electrical license to practice. Trying to keep my chin up.


    cheers for the info.


    all the best.

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    Star, i hear what you're saying...lok how about we get together for a quiet pint with a mate of mine....ex ABB, Project Engineer, salt of the earth,and curiously well disposed to Poms


    send me a PS and we'll get something happening.


    John B

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