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    Hey my partner and I are moving to adelaide on 31st March we will need everything including a car but after somthing big as my fella is 6ft 10

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    You can get a lot of low price goods from local stores like K Mart and Big W. They have inexpensive small appliances like toasters, kettles, pots, pans etc.

    The bigger appliances can be purchased using a price match / comparison from stores such as Good Guys and Harvey Norman.

    Take in a price and the other store will beat it.


    The garage sales are really useful for furniture and a host of different goods. They are held every weekend throughout the different areas.


    Returning Poms are another source of good goods. It doesn't work out for everyone and there are frequent items for sale posted on this site.


    Used cars can be quite expensive. There are a number of used car lots in the main south road section of Morphett Vale and surrounding suburbs. There may also be a car available from someone on here like the one in the post above.:smile:

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    as for the car..... if you don't need a car 24 / 7 in the first instance


    Car share is taking off in a big way in Adelaide


    (...no not UBER, but companies that give you access to a range of vehicles including 4WD from a variety of Pods around town)


    -who knows .....you may even find Public Transport isn't so awful as you might think


    and while you are settling in, Tilley :


    -if you are going to set up home in unfurnished accommodation...have you considered renting the basics (white goods, electronics, furniture etc) while you get the lay of the land, and work out what you really need:


    Several firms specialise in this - lots of choice ...delivery (and pick up) included ; they effectively cover the warranty etc

    + the option to rent and then buy, if you chose. (and it's a great way to get your local Credit Rating kick- started)


    Better still...... have you considered a Furnished Rental while you get to know your way round?


    John B :swoon:

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    Thanks for the replys guys we now have a little more time my partners mother has sorted out some holiday home thing for us and yes John B he is 6ft 10 he's a big boy indeed :-) I keep offering to chop him off at the knee as um 5ft it's like little and large but he declines my offer every time lol

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