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    I am thinking about getting a whirlybird - are they any good, heard that they draw fresh air into roof void and let the hot air escape.

    This is good for the summer months, but how do they fair during the winter months.? And who installs them and at what cost?


    Many thanks.

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    My OH installed one of ours (the other was put in prior to 2005). It didn't take him long, and he said it was very straightforward - probably partly because our roof tiles lift out easily (and in fact that was one of the ways our ever-inventive, key-losing son entered the house. We've since put a lock on the loft door lol!).


    It hasn't made the house colder in winter, but I'm told it does reduce moisture in the loft space. Which is good because we've stuffed heaps up there :cute:.


    If you don't fancy installing it yourself, I think builders and roofers will put them in for you. I don't know how much they charge, but our cost was @$150 all up, I think, and it took him absolutely no time.




    :smile: LC

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