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    Dear All,


    We are planning to arrive in Adelaide at the end of May. Sounds crazy but we are all terrified of spiders!!:arghh:


    If we are renting can we ask pest control to fumigate the property? Would this be needed at this time of year? and can anyone recommend a good "pest controller"


    many thanks



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    I have a phobia about spiders. People don't understand.

    Spiders are pretty mobile critters! You could spend your money on having a place fumigated and it would kill everything in the house but there's no guarantee that a spider wouldn't enter at a later date. there are canisters that you can buy in the shops as a DIY method.

    The owners / agents would be responsible for making sure that the premises were clear of bugs when you move in but leases typically state that you only have a limited time to report bugs. If the premises were bug free for a time after moving in it would be your responsibility thereafter.

    There are residual sprays that you can purchase from the local hardwares. They last for a few months and are quite good outside. There are spider brooms (for use by others...not me1)..telescopic, that look like big toilet brushes. Someone braver than me can use them to rid the outside of the premises of all the webs..and then spray.

    You have to be careful with things that are outside. Play equipment and anything stored outside. I once had a pram under the carport, placed it in the back of the car and then took it out at the shops, placed the baby in it...only to get scared to death by a spider the size of my hand (Huntsman) that crawled out.

    Having said all this...don't worry. It's not really as bad as you may think...:smile:

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    I don't think its that big a thing to worry about tbh. Chances are you'll see no more than you do in the UK. Its just a case of knowing the ones that can bite and cause a bit of pain over the ones that don't. Red backs are easy to spot and so are the white tailed ones. Just check up the pics on them and the info and it will stand you in good stead.


    I'd not pay to have an entire house fumigated before you move in. Or after unless its really needed. Personally I'd be more concerned with the cockroaches that you may see around. Horrible things and I'd want those gone before spiders.


    FWIW my husband has a severe reaction (his skin becomes sore, itchy and this spreads over much of his body and lasts for a long time due to the long last nature of the bug bombs) to the bug bombs and other stuff used in fumigating) even months after using them and so we won't use them at all in our house now. And we've managed fine and its been 2.5 years now :smile:


    As others have said, its not really as bad as you are probably thinking and I'd give yourself a chance to get here, experience it and see for yourselves. I am not a fan of spiders either but honestly, what I've seen so far isn't that scary or bad (the red backs don't move fast) and its usually the huntsman that are fast moving and in general, those are the ones that tend to freak out people who are not good with spiders. Same as those fast moving house spiders in the UK, hated those, didn't mind garden spiders or the old spindly legged things.


    We've had one red back in the house and that piggybacked in on the bottom of a cabinet that had been stored in the garage. For the rest its mostly good friendly spiders that catch other bugs and are themselves harmless.

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    if it's any consolation...the only spider that has much potential to give you a problem in Adelaide City is the Redback...... and they don't like entering houses.


    So, if you go for fumigation try :




    Lawlors etc etc



    ( -On the other hand, you can always buy and apply the same gear yourself from the Supermarket)



    But, either way ....... don't forget the garden shed : That is where the Redbacks would prefer to hang out





    talking about cockroaches ( -which you weren't- ) most people just pop a a small plastic enclosed bait behind the Fridge and / or the Oven every 3 months...also available in the Supermarket

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    Reiterate red backs are the ones to watch for ,under window sills vernandahs etc but plenty of surface sprays or fly sprays Its the millipedes I can't stand not scare of them just they get everywhere

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