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Australian politics - better than it sounds!

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    .......want to be able to vote and have my say at the ballot box.


    I know moving here the politics of Australia did concern me somewhat but elections can always change that and lo, they sure did. It didn't put me off moving here, nor would it again in the current world political climate......




    - Thanks, Snif



    - Interesting thinking.



    Yes, the political ball is certainly in play right around the globe, not just here.


    So....bearing in mind this is a forum for New Chums as well...what are the peculiarities of the Australian Federal Election that we might need to draw to the attention of new arrivals?


    -After all, -this is also an Election Year in Australia as well as the US. But so far we've had more informed chat in the media about how the American pre -selection system works ...


    Perhaps a new thread is required? -


    - Something along the lines of getting our heads around the implications of "Compulsory" voting,


    - or the problems of trying to vote "below the line" (it even sounds a bit subversive, doesn't it?)


    - or, (-perhaps more controversially) trying to interpret the bizarre way such terms as "Liberal" and "Labor" are bandied about in this



    Can we do this without descending into a free for all, by just sticking to the peculiarities of our version of "The Westminster System?



    -Probably not, but perhaps worth a try



    JB :swoon:

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