Visa selection advice/guidance needed!

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    I have dual citizenship and am both a British and New Zealand Citizen and I have been living and working in the UK since 1991.



    I have decided that I would now like to re-locate to live in Australia permanently with my family and I would like some guidance please regarding which visa(s) to apply for.



    My wife and two older children are all British citizens and British passport holders.

    However, my two youngest children have dual nationality so they are British with British passports but are also New Zealand Citizens and are New Zealand Passport holders.



    Our oldest two children are 21 and 19 years respectively. The older is about to commence her 3rd year at Bournemouth University to complete her International Events Management degree whilst the younger daughter has been accepted at Canterbury University to commence a 3 year teaching degree course for younger years children.



    On the basis that my two youngest children (aged 6 & 8 yrs) and myself are all New Zealand Citizens, I know that we do not need any visas whatsoever as we will be provided with a special category visa upon our arrival and we would be able to stay and live, attend school/work etc. in Australia indefinitely (due to the current Australia/NZ arrangements).



    Our family will have sufficient funds to re-locate to Australia.



    Therefore, in summary, can anyone reliably advise and 'guide' me towards which visas would need to be applied for, for the remaining three members of my family to enable us to all re-locate to Australia together, as a family?



    My wife and I have cohabited since 1998 but were married in 2003, our 21 year old daughter is currently attending university and our 19 year old daughter is about to commence university.



    Any advice/guidance or suggestions would certainly be most welcome, thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum. I don't know much about this category but I think your wife will need to apply for a visa with the two children as dependants. You should do this quickly before the are no longer dependent. You might be well advised to seek advice from an agent regarding this.


    Also so you should consider if you could gain PR for Australia as long term the special category visa may not be ideal.


    Details of the visa will be on DIBP website.

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