PAYG Sim - comparison sites or ones to avoid

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    We arrive on Saturday and I want to get a SIM sorted asap. Are there any networks to avoid due to poor coverage? Are there any recommended comparison websites to use. Recommendations would be welcome. What do people tend to do for calls back to the UK. I was planning initially on using FaceTime/ Skype etc but this wouldn't do if we have to call business numbers etc. Is it better to purchase a card till we get established?


    We'll be staying initially in Semaphore so will need to track down best place to get a SIM from.


    thanks in advance



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    You have West Lakes shopping mall or the city where there will be the choice of mobile phone shops

    Best to have some ID with your Aussie address on if you have it

    I have always been on Optus because my family are on the same provider

    But seemingly Tesltra gives the best coverage

    I have an iPhone so as long as I have data with my plan I can face time and Skype or message free if it's iPhone to iPhone

    Most buisness have email conatct if you needed to contact the UK or you can buy a phone card that you can use from a home phone or public phone

    Don't forget to write all of your contact numbers down don't just have them on your phone in case anything happens to the phone

    Good luck we are counting the days now we arrive back 24th whoop whoop !

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    If you are mostly going to be using your phone in and around the city then all the providers give good coverage. However if you plan on going a bit further out and want to be able to use your phone then Telstra are better. There are however remote areas that even Telstra do not cover - when we were at the Flinders the only place you good get any phone reception where we were staying(and that was only Telstra) was on the veranda of the restaurant.


    Personally, unless you are going to be living rurally, I would just go with whoever gives the best deal. I can't help with what the best deal is though as I hardly ever use my phone so am on a long expiry pre pay with Virgin that costs me about $19 every five or six months.

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    We use paid Skype calls to the UK for business things. Lines are fine, I can sit at my desk with paperwork etc in front of me and its never been an issue. Especially when I am stuck on hold and not wanting to sit with a phone in my hand or to my ear. Its good as you can see how long you've been on the call and also how much credit you have left etc. $20 has lasted a long time. We only use it for work/business related calls, not to family or friends though.


    Agree with Nic, unless you are going to be rural, go with the best deal. Coverage wise around the city they are much of a muchness although some areas will have black spots no matter who you are with. We live in one and our mobile signal is a bit rubbish tho the 4G helps now. However, when at home we are on the wifi so its not really an issue.


    I'd stick to Skype or facetime for calls to family and friends. TBH I find calls pretty awkward time wise for 6 months of the year when its a 10.5 hour time difference. We Skype less and less frequently and tend to sit and have a good hour or two long natter once every couple of months rather than shorter chats in between.


    I also installed apps like Viber and got my Mum to install is also so I can text and send her pics in real time from our end. She loves waking up and having pics from our days out waiting. Easier than email faff and she feels more involved this way over waiting for me to sit and write an email sporadically. And as texting is the norm now, Viber and other apps work well for us. Viber of course uses your data plan so its not 'free' in that sense but if you are on wifi then it uses that.

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