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We have a new $5 bank note!

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    Some comments have been less than kind...

    What do you reckon?



    New 'vomit-like' $5 note design revealed


    Shane Wright The West Australian - The West Australian on April 12, 2016, 7:55 am



    New $5 note design revealed


    The Reserve Bank has unveiled the nation’s new $5 note – and it is already sparking criticisms on social media.

    Bank governor Glenn Stevens this morning released the new fiver that will go into circulation from September 1.


    Queen Elizabeth still features on the nation’s smallest denominated note, although she has been aged slightly, while other images have been dramatically altered.

    Flowers of the prickly Moses wattle, also known as the prickly-leaved wattle or the star-leaved acacia, feature through the centre of the note. It replaces the gum leaves that have been part of the $5 note since it became polymer in the early 1990s.

    It also features an image of the Eastern Spinebill, a type of honeyeater that is found through south-east Australia.


    The other side of the note has dispensed with the strong frontal view of Parliament House, instead going with an off-centre image. The spinebill and wattle also feature on this side.

    Mr Stevens said the colour, size and people portrayed on the note have been retained for ease of recognition and to reduce disruption to business.

    But it also has “tactile” features to make it easier for the vision-impaired to distinguish between the $5 and other notes.

    “Innovative new security features have been incorporated to help keep Australia’s banknotes secure from counterfeiting into the future,” he said.

    Future upgrades to Australian notes will include a different species of wattle and native bird.

    While the new note will come into use from September 1, existing $5 notes will still be legal tender.

    Within minutes of the images being released by the bank, critics on social media started taking aim at the work.

    Some likened the wattle flowers to pineapples while others described them as “vomit”.

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