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Removalists coming in today ,pack all up and take it away tomorrow

Of course being north east England it's raining so they will have to duck between the garage and the house when getting stuff from outdoors oh joy !

Our dog gets picked up Monday ,our car goes to shippers Tuesday then we fly out Wednesday

Whoop whoop we are almost there !

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Philly, I can understand bringing the dog ....but shipping the car as well!???



- you might need to explain that to me



Furniture all gone now lads were great nothing a problem for them and left some spare boxes so that when we take the car through to their depot we can add last minute things like the kettle & iron !

John we brought our car from Oz so now its going back -it actually over all works out cheaper to ship everything including the car than to buy a second hand car of the same type when we get there

We bought our Holden new its in good condition so its now going home too lol

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good on you Philly....just hate those people who try to justify their 8th new car in ten years by saying "We''ll, it's 10% more fuel efficient,you know"


- surely nothing's worse than building more and more new cars for the sake of it


......and you'll be keeping the Holden Spare Part manufacturer's in business




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