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GPs in Sheidow Park - bulk billing

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We are moving to Sheidow Park shortly and I was wondering whether there are any GPS around that area that do bulk billing that can be recommended. I also need to get my girls' vaccinations uploaded on to Medicare so am assuming I need a GP/nurses appointment to get this done and to see whether they need any further shots?




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Hi Sarah,

We go to Hallett Cove Corner surgery and they bulk bill for under 16's. I know of a place called Fountain Valley Medical Centre in Happy Valley that bulk bill - never been there. We had to book in with the practice nurse recently for my daughter (10) to have her vaccinations registered - we took her red medical book and they uploaded the vaccinations she had already but she did have to have a course of Hep B (not standard in the UK) and one for chicken pox (as we had no proof that she had actually had chicken pox when she was a toddler !).

Hopefully you will love Sheidow, we lived there renting when we first got here and daughter still goes to school there.

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Aberfoyle Park family practice bulk bill. For adults also. They are based at the Hub in Aberfoyle Park, next to the sports centre. Lovely team of people.


They have long opening hours also, 9-9 most days and Sundays 9-6 or something.


8270 4000 is the number of the practice.


The vaccinations do have to go into the system and only the doctor or nurse can put them on. Without being fully up to date there is no child care rebate. If your children have no visible signs (ie scars) of having had chicken pox or a vaccination record for it there will be that one to get. Also another one over 3 shots that the UK does not vaccinate for as standard. Think its Hep B.

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