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    Anyone else use an Adam e-mail account?

    I know they are now iiNet....but it has got a fault today and I can't get into my email, it is very frustrating.

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    I used to have 4 Adam accounts and had them for many years.


    I had a number of issues and spent hours on the phone trying to sort them out...at the same time I had guests who demanded internet! It was just too frustrating. I remember speaking to one of their service people who openly told me that they were chronically understaffed and couldn't cope.

    I had major issues when it was a line fault as Telstra are responsible for all those repairs. I don't know why but thy don't seem to be able to escalate faults as quickly as other companies and you waited for days to get anything fixed. A truck took out the phone line at one of the properties and it took 3 weeks to get repaired...all I got from them was that it was Telstras responsibility...just not on.


    I changed over to TPG about 3 years ago and when something goes wrong their service is there. Had an issue with a slow connection earlier this week. Phoned them, went through the process and then it was escalated to a technician. Phone call and e mails...and a tech to visit today. Totally different service levels.

    Adam seems to have lost their way somehow. Waiting for hours on the phone, waiting for a calback, waiting for something to be done...not a good service anymore IMHO.

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