Marriage breakdown - how to proceed financially/legaly

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    Hi folks – I wonder if you could assist.

    My wife has just informed me that "She will no longer wear her wedding/engagement rings, as far as she is concerned, our marriage is over"

    The problem is, we have two children and pay a mortgage on a plot of land and are literately about to get acceptance on a home loan, for a new build that is poised to happen (all the paperwork and specs and consents have been signed off)

    She earns way more than me and might possibly be able to afford the house on her own – but not without using all out joint savings.

    Now, because of the way she has been acting recently and things she has said and done – I would be tempted to say "whatever, i'm out of here" BUT we have two young children, and i want them to have somewhere stable to live....

    At the moment i have not been asked to leave the rental home we all live in, but no doubt that will come. I am unable to move back to the UK (we are here on 189PR Visas) where i could simply move in with my mother for a while, re-group and re-build and then move on – Because there is no way i could leave my children.

    I have never in the entirety of my life, sought any kind of financial assistance or hand out... But i fear i may now need to as i would need to rent a 3 bedroom property because i would want at least 50% custody of my children.

    Any idea's what i should do, best course of action?

    Is there anywhere you could recommend free legal advice?

    I would like to walk out of this with my head held high, knowing that i did the right thing by everyone.

    If it helps – I live in Adelaide (Southern Suburbs)

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    Sorry to hear this.


    I had a look online and found this, it may be of some use


 '> and





    Also I think some lawyers offer clinics each week/month where you can stop in and have a free consult. I don't know if there would be anyone in the southern suburbs offering that, perhaps do a search and see if you can turn someone up. Or call a few family lawyers and enquire.

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