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    Just in case anybody is interested: after I have lodged my RRV via ImmiAccount, paid and then submitted my application today and directly received an instant grant! Within 1 minute after my payment was processed successfully. I have applied online and am living in Australia for nearly 4 1/2 years and never left the country.


    I have lodged my application for a RRV 155 online and the application was straight forward and I'm convinced no person/staff member even looked at it. It will be electronically granted nowadays and that's why it's so quick as lightning.


    Would be great if immi could process citizenship applications with at least half or quarter of that lightning speed!!!


    In another thread on pomsinoz 'citizenship timeline 2015/2016' I have still my other half sitting in the pipeline since March 2016 with a fully approved citizenship application but no ceremony date in sight as our 'beautiful' council is not hosting any ceremonies currently. The next one will happen in August and we are positive he's in but he became really jealous how quick 'long term' PR's like me are treated in comparison to citizenship applicants.

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    When I received notice of my citizenship I contacted the local council and explained I needed it to apply for an Australian passport as I was going overseas. They arranged a short ceremony before the next Council meeting, just me, and a few family members, the Mayor and his assistant in ghe Council Chamber. Served the purpose and I applied for the passport straight away.

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    Thanks Cliffy for the info but we're not in a hurry and don't travel anywhere in the near future.


    My partner is happy to wait for a 'normal' ceremony - nowadays councils are less likely to host 'extra' ceremonies (for our council too expensive I guess) - and I'm happy with a RRV only as our travel facility was going to expire and I'm expecting the RRV fee to rise as of tomorrow/new financial year.


    We don't have a valid reason for an 'urgent' ceremony and don't want to make up a story. Waited so long and happy to wait even longer.


    If my country of origin wouldn't make such a fuss with paperwork and evidence I would have applied for Australian citizenship as well but able live without it for a couple of more years.

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