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Winter sunshine

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What a glorious weekend :biggrin: Some much needed winter sun shining down, blue skies and a good game of footy last night (if you are a Crows supporter that is, otherwise it was rather dire :err:).


What have you been up to? Moi, out in the garden planting a new rockery that will be colourful as well as more drought tolerant and digging over our new veg garden and planting some fruit trees. We have garden all round us here and so are changing one side of it with the plum and apple trees in to a proper veggie garden rather than it having a heap of roses and shrubs sitting there not being seen. Want to make it a useful space and hope to get some chooks soon too. Miss keeping chooks and would love to not have to buy eggs from the store.


Also finding time for some Pokemon Go. And loving taking the dog for his walks along the trails around and nearby. Our koala is back in his tree out back and we had roos bouncing around in the fields behind us the other day.

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Footy and netball for the kids yesterday - was 3 degrees down at Langhorne Creek when we got there at 8am! Warmed up beautifully so that was nice. Going to 'Christmas in July', today :biglaugh:



Been here nearly seven years and this winter has reminded me of the weather in the UK, bring on spring.




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It has been a welcome respite from the horrid winter.

I was in the UK in June and it would have been a good idea to have stayed a little longer!


Wonderful early spring weather these last few days, followed by more rain for the net 2 days and then another good spell. At least its warming up. Was talking to a long term local and they were saying that the last 2 years were the coldest they can remember. Lets hope that summer arrives a month early like last year...swimming in September! :smile:

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