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Building a granny flat Ideas please

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Has anyone any ideas on building an independent granny flat council being Onkaparings

We are living with our son at Kangarilla to extend the house seems silly as it's already 4 bedrooms but we are using them as lounge dining room bedroom at the moment and sharing kitchen and laundry ??

The house is on 20 acres so there is plenty of space but would the council allow a seperate build


We are thinking timber frame and having read some old posts seems like if we don't have a laundry of our own it's feasible

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I'd give them a call and perhaps get someone in who deals with this kind of build and who can do a survey and draw up plans etc to submit and guide you through the process.


I'd expect there to be certain rules attached like only one extra dwelling, a limit on the size and that the land must be freehold, residential area etc.


Let us know how you get on :)

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I would also recommend that you give them a call. Different suburbs within the Onkaparinga district do have different rules and regs. Many of the rural areas have very restrictive building regulations compared to the suburbs around them.


The size of the structure is a key factor and as you say, not including a laundry so that the granny flat is technically dependent upon the main house is a main thing to remember (although you can substitute the dishwasher in the kitchen for a washing machine when it's approved and constructed !).

A good architect can negotiate around the regulations and maybe get you things that the regs don't allow at first glance....but give them a call or call in at the local council office and have a chat...they are very helpful.

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I will call into the council offices for a chat and some advice

we actually have several options one being to use a huge shed and convert it

But we will probably need a separate septic waste disposal or would a chemical loo suffice

Exploring all avenues really

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