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Tamara (Homes Down Under)

Jetty Jumping danger

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That guy suffered a serious back injury recently jumping off the jetty.


Honestly, I just like to go for a swim in the water there, not leap off the jetty.


I see lots of the teenagers jumping off it and the lifeguards try to keep an eye on them while they are patrolling and make sure to tell them they are going off duty when they pack up and leave in the evening.


A friend broke his back celebrating his 21st birthday when he jumped into shallow water. He's pushing 50 now and hasn't walked since the accident and has spent the years since then in a wheelchair because of one impulsive moment on what should have been a night of celebration :sad: He wasn't an OTT kind of guy or reckless, just thought it would be fun to jump in and didn't realise it was that bit too shallow.

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My son has been jetty jumping for years now, and every year we have the same convo, and every year he does it anyway. There was a guy who suffered horrendous injuries not so many years back, and although we were here for that, it did not change my son's attitude one iota.

Drives me crazy.


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I know what you mean.

We arrived here with three teenagers who suddenly discovered many ways to "misbehave"!


Had the same talks with them and it made no difference at all that their father worked for a while at a spinal hospital as part of a paramedic course. I was told of the harrowing scenes of wards full of paralized people, many of them young, and a "turning team" who's job it was to rotate and clean them to prevent bed sores.....and this graphic info was passed on to my know it all teenagers.


Many of the young people in the hospital were apparently young persons who had diving (including garden pools) injuries.

I now have grandkids who are getting the same chats and warnings....

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