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I would really appreciate some guidance on nice suburbs that I can do some research on to see if they tick some of the boxes for us. We have a budget of $1-1.2 million and we're looking for a pleasant family orientated area within 30 mins of the city and somewhere where we can have a reasonable house and plot. I'm not to concerned about being near a beach, although I won't discount it and would look at the hills for the right property.


Are there specific areas we should avoid looking as while Domain and Real Estate are good, you don't get a real sense of the area from 9,000 miles away in a cold and grey UK :)


I was originally looking for areas close to some of the good independent schools, but happy to drive my daughter to these if needed.


Thanks in advance for all comments and guidance received.

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Choosing a suburb is a very personal thing and what is one persons heaven is another persons hell. Personally, with that budget, I would be looking for a house along the river, probably around the Athlestone area, but then I've got a bit of a thing about Linear Park at the moment (my son does a 5km Park Run by the river most Saturday's and I spend the time walking in different directions and dreaming of living in one of the houses I see).


Other areas I like and would consider are pretty much all the eastern suburbs, so from Glen Osmond up to Athlestone. Also areas like Mitcham, Unley, Eden Hills, Blackwood are all nice and I would consider some of the hills areas like Aldgate or Stirling, although these may be a bit more difficult for your daughter to get to and from school on her own if necessary. Anywhere with lots of $1m houses for sale is going to be pretty nice. As for areas to avoid anywhere where houses seem really cheap is probably worth avoiding as they will be cheap for a reason.

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Yep. I'd go for the same types of areas as nicf. Have you looked at for the schools if you need to live on the catchment areas? That might decide the areas for you.

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Really does depend what your priorities are. Our thing is always to be walking distance from cafes shops and restaurants so we don't have to drive and can enjoy a meal and a drink. Also like to stroll out and have a bit of life around. Many of the very desirable and expensive suburbs are just lots of lovely tree lined streets like in Kensington, Burnside and Rose Park to the East of the city with lovely homes. The odd cafe but otherwise a car journey.


May have suited us when we had a young family and needed babysitters but now........


Hence we lived in Norwood and now Hahndorf.


I know people in those other suburbs and others with little around them who are very happy and they are lovely areas, just not for us. So as said it is a very personal choice and very different to the UK.


North Adelaide and Glenelg are also nice and lots going on but do be wary of aircraft noise, personally it put us off although we like the suburbs same for Walkerville. A few blocks can make a huge difference to the noise, and the airport is only going to get bigger and busier in the future.


Buses into the city from the hills are much better now, my husband takes the bus from Hahndorf and it stops just outside his office. Takes 40 mins but he does get a later bus as quicker, working from home before going in. Although he doesn't go in every day either.


I think for teenagers and older nearer the city would be better as they will have more independence and be less reliant on lifts everywhere. When we moved up to the hills our 23 year old son stayed near the city.


The other place we strongly considered was the areas around Unley Road and King William, south of the city. A nice vibe and plenty of shops, cafes etc.


The hills won for the cycling and walking in the end.

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