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887 Visa applicant - Applying Parent visa

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Hi All,


I applied 887 visa on 20th Nov 2016 and waiting on the decision.


I am the main applicant.


My wife, subsequent applicant(on shore) shore was 3 months pregnant now.

She had hyper pregnancy nausea & was being hospitalised every week.


I was wondering if I could call in my parents for the support.


If so, can I apply for parent visa?



I was wondering if they get 1 year visa, so that they could be here for a while even after the pregnancy.



Please advice.




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Depends on many things. Where do they live, what nationality?

Do they want to stay permanently or just for 12 months. Can they come and stay as visitors without needing to work for a full year?


Visitor visas can be got for 3, 6 and 12 month stays and will permit more than one entry.


Parent visas are a whole new ballgame, you would have needed to be settles for 2 years and PR plus meet the balance of family test and the fastest would take a couple of years and cost a LOT of money like $60k.


The most obvious would be an extended visitor visa. If you look on http://www.border.gov.au you will find the details, it does depend what country you are applying from as some high risk countries require different things.

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First of Thanks for the prompt reply Mod.


My parents are Indian nationals & they live in India.


They just want to be here for 12 months.

They don't want to work here.


Does the visitor visa permit them to stay for 12 months?

Do I need PR to apply for visitor visa to my parents?


Pl advice.



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Hi bhagath

I have the same question

Did u apply for parent visa during your wait period

If so, how many days it took ?

What documents are needed ?

Plz reply.. your answer will be helpful

Thank you

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