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Solar Power

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Hi not been here for a while,

Has anyone got any advise on solar power suppliers, im looking at getting a 6kw system battery ready.

Theres so many suppliers around and i dont want to waste too much time getting quotes

Cheers in advance

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Try reading Whirlpool for advice on which firms to use. It is a bit if a minefield to choose, and you really do need to get a few quotes just to compare like with like.

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Thanks, I have looked at reviews and whirlpool I know what you mean by minefield, that is why I was hoping to get some direct feedback on this site.

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Came across this today and thought you may find it worth reading.

We have put Solar on two houses now. The first firm, I had never heard of, was great, efficient and easy.

The second firm was well publicized, highly recommended, local and easy to contact, but once we had signed that was it. Difficult to deal with indeed and I always felt we had not received what we were promised.

Hope you have more luck than we did.


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I installed 5.5kw 22 panel system last year with True value Solar, they are a quite a large national company, I did a bit or research and there were some mixed reviews but price was competitive and the installation couldn't have gone smoother to be honest quick to get the system installed and had no issues so far and it makes a big difference to the bills, they are using \bosh inverters now where I got a Chinese brand which had mixed reviews but again no issues so far

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