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Hello everyone :smile:


This is to let you all know that Poms In Adelaide will be getting a forum upgrade sometime in the not too distant future. Our sister site, Poms in Oz had an upgrade recently and now looks rather different but still offers the same sort of features as it did before plus some new ones. You can check out its new look here https://www.pomsinoz.com/ and if you are a member there and have not visited in a while, log in and have a look round in more depth perhaps :)


The upgrade for this site is much needed and will fix problems we have had. Some may have noticed the Like button disappeared a while back and this was one of the things we lost due to the forum needing to be upgraded. The Like button should return when the forum is upgraded.


Therefore please be patient when the forum is offline for a little while. There will be lots going on behind the scenes to change things over to the new software and it can take time.


Once the forum has had its upgrade, you will need to sign in again so if you've got it set to 'Remember Me' and/or automatically log you in, this probably won't happen and you'll need to log in anew with your username and password to get you going. If need be before the forum upgrade, check you know which email you signed up with and your password.


Once the forum is back online it will have a different look and some things may not be in familiar places but have a look round, see if you can figure out the controls and please ask any questions you may have regarding it here in this thread and we'll do our best to help :smile:


Thanks in advance,



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Late this evening and tomorrow morning, the website will be offline while I move the forum to a new software platform.

After the move, the forum will be fully mobile mobile compatible and more secure.

Once it's back online, I'll be posting help articles to assist members with the transition to the new software.

I know change can be a pain but it's become something of a necessity given parts of the forum software are no longer supported.

If you have any questions, post move, I'll be starting a Q & A thread to hopefully address any issues.



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