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    Hi, we are trying to negotiate the minefield that is applying for teaching jobs in Oz. Fully qualified 4yr BEd and masters in education. Currently assistant head in U.K. Over 14 years experience. Any help greatly appreciated in how to apply for jobs as so confusing! In process of applying for visa. 


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    The process depends on the state you intend to work in.  I can only comment on South Australia.  Here you need to be registered with the Teachers Registration Board.  You will be required to send details of your qualifications.  Once you are registered you can apply for jobs.  If you intend to apply to work in a state school you need to register to teach with DECD.  They advertise jobs on there website at certain times of the year.  Many jobs advertised are contract positions.  To gain permanent teaching positions can take a long time.  I was here about 4 years before I gained a permanency.  I did relief teaching and got contracts initiailly.  DECD has a timetable for advertising permanent and contract positions for teaching and leadership positions.  If you gain permanency as a teacher now it is an ongoing position and you can stay at the school as long as you like.  Many leadership positions have a tenure period of 3, 5 or 7 years I believe.  See attached link for more details.

    As you can see the process here is very different to the UK and can be frustrating.


    Hope this helps.






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    I'm new to TRT and want to teach just two days per week.  I've registered with one cluster scheme so far, but am

    wondering if I should join other groups, but also wondering if that may confuse matters or not and thus not be

    loyal to one group.  It seems to be how some do this.  Do you know of many who have,  or use the tap for teacher scheme - there is about

    three of them.  Ideally I would love to be a regular TRT at one or two schools only, but life's not that simple.

    Hoping you can help or perhaps put me in touch with the reality (harsh) of it all.



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