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Luke T

Brighton and surrounding suburbs

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Hi Everyone 

I was looking for peoples opinions on Brighton and the surrounding suburbs such as Warradale, Oaklands Park, Hove and North Brighton.

I am English currently living in Sydney will be bringing my Italian wife, a 3 year old and 1 year old. We had a recent trip where we went to Henley, Grange, Norword, Brighton and Chrisities Beach. I liked all these places so came back to Sydney feeling confused! We will rent initially and hopefully look to buy in 1-2 years (if the UK exchange rate improves!) Once the kids start school my plan is not to leave the suburb which will be hard for me as i have itchy feat! 

Brighton and surrounding suburbs have good transport links, beach and some nice parades. I also like the fact it close to Glenelg and Marion shopping centre and not to far from the CBD. One of my concerns when we came over was how quite some of the suburbs seemed especially when we went to Campbelltown and surrounding suburbs. I love the fact the Adelaide is much quitter than London, Sydney etc but its nice to know your not alone in this world if you know what i mean.

All opinions welcome.



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Hi Luke. Brighton is a lovely area and well regarded in general (house prices reflect this). Hove and North Brighton also great. You will notice a difference in house prices, with more expensive houses in these suburbs west of Brighton Road (ie closer to the beach) with comparatively less expensive options on Brighton Road and east of Brighton Road.

Warradale is mainly new homes and generally well regarded. Oaklands Park is a bit of a mixed bag - one of those suburbs with some really quite nice roads and then some I really wouldn't want to live on (Westfield Marion is one of Adelaide's main shopping malls and is in Oaklands Park - there are some 'not so nice' areas immediately surrounding the centre) but still not a bad suburb overall.

With a young family, you might want to look at school zones in these areas if you are planning on public schooling. Brighton Secondary School is very popular and ranks highly - accordingly it is zoned so that may influence where you want to settle (although high school is a long way off - if you are wanting to buy with a term to staying put long term, it may be worth checking the zone). There are lots of good and popular primary schools in the area too - Glenelg, Paringa Park (in Somerton Park - this has a very small zone of just Somerton Park and North Brighton I believe), Brighton and Seacliff. Warradale Primary I have also heard is good.

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