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    we have arrived to australia( me, wife and 2 kids) on 4 MAY 2016 on a regional skilled visa 489. we will finish living on a regional area by MAY 2018 and finishing the wok condition( one year). adding to that  one year processing time for the new 887 visa as my 489 visa is a pathway to the 887 ,  my question is by having the residency on a time period of 3 years, am i affected by the new period to spend having the PR. or not affected as we have entered australia in 2016



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    Your question is not that clear. However I will provide you info. Hope this helps.

    You need to complete 2 years of stay in Regional Area with 1 year of work in regional area to apply for PR. So its total of 2 years after which you apply for PR. Did you start staying in a regional area within a few days of landing in Australia? If, No then you have to complete the period in Regional Area a total of 2 years. There are cases when the PR visa has been processed faster than 1 year. I have seen many get it in 4 months direct grant if the documents submitted were proper.

    Now if your question is about citizenship then as they are changing the rules, it will be 4 years of stay after you get your PR (887) unless you apply before July 2017, which doesn't seem to be your case.

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    Hi..good day...i would like to ask something related to 887.

    i have worked to: 

    Qatar for 2 years.and never come back after leaving Qatar..

    Abu Dhabi UAE for 3 years and never come back after leaving it

    Oman for 2 years and never come back after leaving it.

    i was able to secure police clearance from all of those 3 countries as required for my 496 visa (regional skilled visa). All of them were issued after i left those countries.

    Now we have submitted our application for 887 last June 8. The checklist for the requirements includes Character clearance. (with a recommended symbol)

    My question i have to secure new clearances again; for all of them are expired; for my 887 visa application even though i did not go back to those countries again? or the same clearances i have submitted before in my 496 visa will i submit for my 877 visa application now?

    The same thing with my wife's functioal english. she passed the ielts before..and it's already more than 2 years since...does she need to take an ielts again?

    I will appreciate your inputs for this matter. Thank you very much.





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