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SA miss out on Infrastructure spending

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    From Jay Weatherill's Facebook page:

    Of the $70 billion allocated for infrastructure in the Federal Budget, SA will receive no new funding. No new projects. No new roads.

    Disappointingly, our state has been completely ignored in favour of the eastern states and WA.


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    I suppose you could point to the lacklustre growth in SA,  less than national average population growth as being reasons for not requiring much spend.

    Then again you may need to take into account the performance and behaviour of the current SA government and the very childish rant that the premier made some weeks ago on camera and in public to the federal minister for environment and energy.  Whether it's right or wrong, there was significant damage to SA incurred by Jay Wetherill in his rant to the federal minister.

    It does seem to me that SA has some significant leadership and engagement issues with the rest of the country. This did not happen overnight, it takes time to reach this level of performance and frankly when one really looks at the current SA government (or the opposition in waiting) , it just does not look like a government that will spend wisely or competently. 

    Then again, you could argue from a federal point of view that there is no point throwing good money after bad  ?

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    Has the SA Government put forward any new projects to Canberra as needing funding?

    Local pollies need to be assertive as I'm sure they are in other states.  Cap in hand and waiting for handouts is not a good image.


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