Job Prospects with 489 Visa

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Hi there, just discovered this forum and I wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. 

I also wanted to ask if I manage to get to SA via the 489 Visa (which I understand is a Temp Residency) - would I be prejudiced when it comes to applying for jobs etc? I've heard (unfounded) stories about how employers have a preference not to hire people on the 489. 

Anyone that can shed some light would be greatly appreciated! 


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Funnily enough, my husband just had to hire somebody. He told me that when he was going through the applications, he ignored any from people who were not yet in the country (he wanted someone to start within a couple of weeks), and any from people without permanent residency.

I was surprised, but he explained that the cost of training is quite high and has to be recouped by keeping their employees as long as possible - even though there is no guarantee that even perms / citizens will stay beyond a couple of years.

I wouldn't let this example particularly worry you, as getting a job can be down to so many variables anyway, I simply thought it was interesting.

Welcome, btw!

🙂 LC

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