Remaining relative visa

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    Hi we have a son who is still over in the UK and would like to join us. He is 23 and not in education or anything that can help him come over on a child visa. 

    We spoke to the emigration office today and it seems like the remaining relative visa is the best option. 

    When we asked the immigration office how long it could take they said up to 56 years (that's not a typo that is exactly what they said) 🤔

    They said we could do the application if he came to Aus on another visa so thinking WHV and then could apply here and get a bridging visa until its granted. 

    The website says that that it needs to be done over in the UK so not sure what to think.  

    Has anybody been in a similar situation or been through the same process?

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    For advice on visas you should talk to a MARA registered migration agent.  Immigration are well known for giving out incorrect migration advise.

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    HI Curly,

    It is the best that you seek advice from MARA registered migration agent or check information on website DIBP border.

    However, your son can come to Australia for visitor visa or WHV visa and apply remaining relative visa, get a bridging visa and wait for it. Or else, let him study full time any course in UK and sponsor him a year later. He is able to apply for it before 25 years old though.

    Hope it helps

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