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Hi Guys,

Quick Q for those in the know. Is there a decent way to see what price houses go for in an area? Here in the UK you can go to rightmove or Zoopla and get a good idea (you can even see how much your neighbour paid for their place).


Anyway, I see a lot of property sells at auction, or has POA on the advert.


What is the best way to get an idea how far your money will take you?


From what I see, houses don't seem to be cheap - and I live near London!


We will rent to begin with, but curious to see if we can afford to buy in the area we are looking at renting (Henley Beach).


Many thanks for the help!




2 kids (4&3)

Visa app submitted mid-June

Possible move Apr 18




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When we were looking to buy we just used realestate.com.au - it generally has three options for how you want to search: Buy, Rent or Sold. Switch over to the Sold mode and plug in the search details for the area and house style you're looking for - it'll give you sold prices going back years (take that into account though as process have risen in Adelaide recently).


Another option is to get suburb reports from RPData or whoever provides them now (Google suburb property reports Adelaide or similar). They're free so don't be fooled into paying for one. They'll give you median prices and rents, recent sales, area demographics etc.


As per above, you can always make contact with some agents as they will be able to give you lists of recent sold prices and probably email you the aforementioned suburb reports too. They're generally friendly and approachable. I'd add Toop & Toop and Harris Real Estate to the list too.









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Good call on the stamp duty!

Here's the link to the suburb reports I mentioned earlier:


They're OK for overview purposes but are only really a snapshot with a few recent sales documented - real estate agents will usually quite happily email you a comprehensive list of recent sales data for a suburb if you ask them.

Here's the link to realestate's sold search option:


Most of what sells will be updated within a few weeks with the sold price. Some never do though. The real estate agents' lists should list these too.

Henley Beach will be quite expensive - it's one of the more sought after beachside suburbs. If you want good beach access then most of the western suburbs will have very easy access via car (the CBD's only 10-15 minute drive from the coast depending on traffic).

Best of luck with the move!

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Ah, I hadn't seen the sold option. Obviously had been using this and also Domain website. Must have just missed the sold bit.

Yes - stamp duty... urgh. Thanks for the reminder!!

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I find the realesate.com.au app good for checking sold prices. I tend to use the actual map view over listing suburbs and narrow down area and look at the listings that way. Some won't list the sold price as they want to keep it secret but often they do so you know exactly what it sold for. Was interesting to see what properties were selling for when we started looking and gave me a better idea of the market when we were house hunting as the price range could be 40-50k on some properties. 

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