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AdamB    0


moving to Adelaide in October, 

had been looking into sorts and leisure activities... then thought best to ask you guys!

going to be living Adelaide hills area.

lookijg to get involved with amateur/local cricket, football (soccer), golf lessons and ideally a bit of fishing (sea and river/lakes)

make the most of having a lot of outside space (currently in London) so looking forward to some outdoor hobbies

appreciate any thoughts and ideas 


thanks Adam 

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snifter    79

Hello and welcome. 

That covers quite a large area ;)

We play in the Hills league for cricket. You can read more about it here

Its not village cricket like the UK (unless you are playing on one of the small town hills ovals then it may have that feel) and the wickets are usually concrete strips with a bit of the old green carpet on them. 

Its the end of the soccer season now so best probably to wait till the pre season rolls round and you will probably find a local club by then as some who play cricket etc will probably play. And if you play for a cricket team, it may well be there have a winter soccer team too (or Aus rules). Golf, take your pick from no end of golf clubs. Hubby plays a bit and pops into whichever one they fancy on the day. 



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