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Moving from WA to Adelaide - suggestions please

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    Contemplating a move from Perth to Adelaide.  Have been out there on holiday a few years ago and fell in love with the place but somehow we ended up in Perth. Have been down the southern suburbs Christies Beach, Seaford, Huntfield Heights, Moana, Hallet Cove etc


    Looking for recommendations of suburbs no further than 30 mins from CBD (dont mind what direction).  Have 2 girls who next year will be year 10 & 7.  Looking for decent state schools (been down the private school route in UK and really did not see benefit).  Younger child very sporty so will consider this when looking at schools.  Ideally would like a a suburb with a bit of character and local shops to walk to, decent public transport links (kids getting older and I dont want to play taxi driver all the time), parks for dog walking etc

    Probably everything most people ask for.

    would be looking to rent a 3x2 with a maximum budget of $500 per week 



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    Perhaps Henley Beach way. You could probably find something for that budget rental wise. Has a good high school (sporty) and some good options for primary (check if zoned though and ensure you are living in the zone and can prove this if need be). Its a beach suburb and really nice. Not sure re transport links other than bus. 

    Glenelg, you may not find much in your budget. It does though have the tram into the CBD. High school is (if on right side for the zone for it anyways) Brighton which is highly sought after. Glenelg primary is full, chock full and even kids in the zone are sent elsewhere these days I think. Its not a great sporty school either I don't think. 

    Flagstaff Hill. Although it doesn't have the 'character' aspect it does have a small set of local shops and is on a main bus route (plus can get over to train as not far away in Hallet Cove). It does have a lovely primary school that is very sports focused. Its a short drive to places like Blackwood which have far more too choose from shop wise, more like a small town up that way. You'd find something in your budget in Flagstaff I'd imagine. CBD is about 30-35 in non rush hour in the car. 

    Blackwood. Lovely small town feel for local shops etc. Some good schools (HS and primary) but not sure the primary ones are sports focused as much as perhaps Flagstaff Hill is. Budget wise, not sure what you'd get there for $500 pw. Buses and on train route to the CBD. About 30 mins into the CBD on the train. Can also change on the line to get to places like Westfield Marion. Has good access to national parks like Belair and also trails for walking. 

    Hallet Cove. Coastal. Train into the CBD. I personally am not a fan of the suburb but many ex pats have happily settled there. There are a few primary schools but not sure how they rate for sports. High school am not sure about either. It does have a mini mall type place along the main road there but I have only visited a few times when passing. Quite a few of the bigger stores are there. 

    Consider also that many sports are done outside of school too. Mine does about half his stuff in clubs or groups outside of school. So you could settle on an area and go elsewhere for sports :)

    Dog parks. In the suburbs on the flat, it is often dog parks and can be a drive to the nearest one. The beach suburbs are better I guess in that you can hit the beach and coast paths and dogs can be off leash at certain times of the year etc. Up in the hills you have more options in terms of walks as there is access to trails, national parks and other places plus the odd dog park. We live in an area with masses of trails and walks along Sturt gorge (Flagstaff Hill backs onto this fwiw and there is also the Minkarra park and trails near by there too, some backing onto the golf course. I can walk out my door and walk for a fair few miles pretty uninterrupted with our dog. 

    There are probably loads of other suburbs you could look at also. I've only mentioned a handful. 

    TBH the biggest thing is where you would be working as none of those I've mentioned above might be suitable if work is miles away and hellish in rush hour or some such. 







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