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English is my first language, and I myself am a wordsmith. I'd like to work on accent reduction, and am looking to somewhat learn the RP at the grand old age of 36. (I read that accent solidifies between 18 and 24). I'd like to practise English in person, as I learn best through face to face interaction where I can imitate a person's mouth movements. Hope to meet at Westfield Marion or the city.

What I can offer is, basic Mandarin, a language that I consider second language i.e. I have pretty good understanding and conversational ability, but wouldn't be considered a native speaker.

Or else, I'd be more than happy to edit any work you have in English, e.g. Conversation for 30 mins, 30 mins of editing work. Or Chinese conversation for 30 mins, English conversation for 30 mins.


Please email:

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