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    Hi, we need recommendations for Adelaide removals please.

    It's being paid for by my husband's employer so we have to obtain 3 quotes.

    Grace removals are the preferred mover - we can just go with them without getting quotes. If we want a different one we have to get another 2 quotes.

    I have contacted Kent Removals and Allied Pickford for quotes.

    Any experience / reviews / thoughts locally on those please? I am interested in moves between suburbs in Adelaide not international to Adelaide (Kent unpacked our stuff from UK for us years ago) and not interstate moves because then obviously there will be other factors. Particularly, how have you found Grace if you have used them?

    Would love your thoughts please. 

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    Haven't used any of those - they were significantly more expensive than the local only outfits when I did the online estimate thing that most of them seemed to have.  It's been over 3 years since we moved but we used Harrow removals who were excellent.

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