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A realy RUBBISH thread!

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    I am sure that we have all had our fair share of bureaucracy to deal with so I thought that I would share this ongoing funny experience when dealing with our local council.

    To be honest I have always found things to be quite efficient when dealing with my local council but his one went real pear shaped!

    My daughter applied to have two additional dustbins at her house (useful info as the council will provide extra bins for an additional charge)...one recycling which is a bigger bin with a yellow lid...and also a waste bin which is smaller and has a red lid. So far so good...the council promptly dropped off two bins a couple of days later. Unfortunately they dropped off two red bins....instead of a yellow one. My daughter e mailed them but didn't get a reply. Oh well, the additional red waste bin wasn't the end of the world and as people are busy time went by,  more e mails but no reply from council.

    The yearly charge for the bins arrived and payment was made for the additional red one...but the payment for the yellow one wasn't paid as it hadn't been delivered. The unpaid bill was followed by demands for payment ...more emails, but no reply.

    The council then sent their people around...not to sort out the bin issue or drop off the missing bin...no...they "stole" the original yellow bin that is the only recycling bin allocated to the house.

    Not a lot of recycling happening at that house! I went in today and we had a great chat with one of their service people...it began with "Good morning can I help you?" to which the reply was " Good morning..yes, your council has "stolen" my bin!"

    I think it's funny that the person who arrived at the house to "steal" the bin wouldn't think it strange that there were 3 red ones and only one single yellow one which they "nicked"!!!

    Ongoing...but nearly sorted.


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    The first week we were in our new house we had a pink sticker slapped across our un-emptied bin because it had the 'wrong' council stamped on the front (a relic from when one end of town was under a different council to the other) ... It's not like we brought it with us so who knows what the people before us were doing with their rubbish!


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