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Any (New Arrival) Short Term Rental Landlords?

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Hi, We own a property which I have often thought would be perfect for new arrivals. 

When I arrived (6yrs ago now) I rented a short term let through century 21 for 2months while we found our feet, gained employment and got a feel for different suburbs. 

I am wondering if anyone on here has properties that they let our short term to new arrivals.... what are the pros and cons? and can you offer any advice, hints tips and suggestions to help me make a decision on this.

My logic is that if we keep it as a short term rental we will always have a base that family and friends could come and use too (if we don't have enough room at our place) I also thought that new arrivals may be a better quality of tenant (!? but tell me if I'm wrong) 

Very interested to hear from anyone that has some insight.

Thanks. :)

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@Tamara (Homes Down Under) may be able to share her thoughts. 

TBH if you can afford it and cover the costs for when its not let out (which could be a fair bit of off season and even peak season depending on area its in) then why not. 

Don't forget though, if your family want to come and stay for the peak months it would mean lost business to you at a fair cost probably. You'd need to be able to budget for this and also to perhaps say to them they have to visit in the off peak or outside of the school holidays in spring, autumn and summer. 

Of course, migrants would be arriving all year round but you don't want to confine your rental to just those as you could be missing out on a lot of potential letting. So many possibilities, you can probably find something that works for you.  


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