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Partner on 489 Visa unable to find work

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Hi there!

We’d really appreciate if anyone has any recommendations in what to do in our situation.

We have arrived in SA on a 489 Visa and I, as the main applicant, am able to find work (veterinary nurse) and fulfil the requirements for 887 in 2 years time (again I will be the main applicant). My partner who is my dependant on the Visa, however, works in the marine industry and cannot find a job in SA! 

We have signed a lease in SA and have our residential address here. If my partner was to go and work away on a boat in another state (Whitsundays have much more work for him) would this be a problem when it comes to applying for the 887 Visa or citizenship in the future? We have both our names on the lease so he is technically ‘living’ here.. 

I am also wondering what the employment surveys for SA entail? Will I need to include my partners employment details in these surveys? Thank you so much :-) 

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I honestly don't know the answer as I am really not familiar with the 489.

You may well be better posting this on our sister site which has 4 very good active migration agents posting on it regularly. One of them may be able to help. Or others on this visa type with knowledge of it may have some suggestions for you. 



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Hi, I can't comment on applying for the 887 (as we haven't reached that point ourselves), but I can tell you that the surveys are not a problem at all.  You are just asked a few simple questions such as "Are you in employment?", "Are you living in SA?", nothing about your partner at all.  Don't worry about that side of things.

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