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Our daughter is currently in a private school in the UK and when we move we’d like her to continue in private education and would appreciate any thoughts on what the top/best private schools in Adelaide are that we should be considering.  We are not concerned about the fees, but just want to make sure she has the best education we can provide.

All thoughts would be most appreciated.



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I think this has been asked before and didn't get many responses.  Not many of us on here are well off enough to be able to send our kids to the top private schools so don't have a lor of experiences.  There are a lot of private schools here and the very best charge a lot more than the others so generally the more expensive a private school is the better the results they are likely to get.  Really though what school is best for your daughter will depend a lot on what her strengths and weaknesses are and what you are looking for in a school, eg academic results, religion, single sex or coed etc.  

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What NicF said makes a lot of sense. What are your daughters strengths? Sport, science, drama.... you need to find a number of schools to suit her and go from there IMHO. 

Fwiw, the results aspect isn't always the thing to go off. The exam results can possibly be skewed as it could be that kids who would bring the pass rate down don't get to sit the exams or end up elsewhere. I guess this can happen at any school anywhere in the world to help keep the results up. Just thought I'd mention it. 

I guess if you want an actual list you could go from these (many of the schools have primary and high school within their set up). A few pages for both. 



My husband went to Westminster, one of the top schools I guess you could call it. We attend a fair few events and other things there still, we also have friends who work there. We are considering sending ours there for high school but tbh the price tag is what puts us off, especially as other schools can offer pretty much the same for a lot less. Also chances are results wise he'll do as well in the not so expensive ones as the top bracket ones. Think it comes down to the kid and you can pay $25,000 or $10,000 and they will probably still come out with the same sort of results. Also friendships groups can have a huge impact and a child can be unhappy in a $25,000 school as much as they may be in a $10,000 or a state school. Price tag or top ranked status isn't everything. 

I know someone used to work at the Wilderness school and speaks very highly of it. Its a girls school.

 I know a family whose kids went through Pembroke not too long ago and did brilliantly there. 

I know a family with kids currently in St Johns Grammar who are loving it and who are very happy with their choice. 

Have friends with kids in Scotch. Again, very happy with their choice. 

Any of them are going to need you to be able to consider living within a reasonable commute or en route to the school so you can go on to work or be prepared to use the school bus service the school may run. Or the public transport system. No point living in say West Lakes and driving to say Scotch for school to then have to head back to the CBD for work. 

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Many thanks for the comments, most appreciated.

Our daughter goes to a lovely, but expensive catholic private school in the UK where her fees are about $40,000 per year, so we’re still happy to pay around $20/30,000 a year after we’ve moved. We chose the school as it offers a lot of co-curricular activities as she loves dance and drama along with athletics and we’d like a school which allows her to continue on her passion for these, but still with an emphasis on excellent education.

I’ll take a look at the schools and the links and try to come up with a short list that I can contact.

thanks again, Richard 


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Well, I've seen Westminster has lots to offer in the drama department. Fantastic set up there but not sure exactly what access the students have within the curriculum or outside of it club wise, but always worth asking the school for further info. They have great sports facilities also. We attend a number of events at the school each year and they always very well run and presented. 

Here are the links to the info on each for you. 




I'd imagine most of the top schools (and probably the not so top ones) will have similar so its a case of perhaps narrowing it down before you arrive and then taking the tours once here and seeing what you and your daughter like. And if none of those appeal, widen the search more. 



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