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Living in Adelaide

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We’re planning on moving to SA later this year and really interested to know why people elected to move to SA over the other more popular states and if anyone regrets mov8ng to SA over Sydney, Melbourne etc?

Looking forward to some interesting comments.

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I lived in Sydney for 4 years and it was great as a couple with no kids.

We returned to Australia 2 years ago and this time we have moved to Adelaide (with kids) and I was unsure what it would be like at first as I loved Sydney but this is a much better place to be with a family. Its really easy to get about, traffic is light, there are loads of opportunities for the kids and great festivals. Property is much cheaper here too

We have been back to Sydney for a visit and while it was great for a week, I was really happy to come back to Adelaide. There was just too much traffic in Sydney and everywhere was really busy.

I guess it depends what sort of lifestyle you are looking for and what stage you are at in your life

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I'm married to an Aussie who is from here. We did seriously consider Melbourne when it came to moving back but felt it was too big, too expensive and would have meant us either buying in a suburb or area we really didn't like but was all we could afford or be stuck renting a smaller place nearer the CBD. Or stuck renting/buying someplace for convenience for work reasons. Adelaide allowed us to factor in all those and gave us options that worked all round for all of us. Had it just been the two of us, we may well have gone there, with a child we wanted more from a city in terms of family life and having things nearer at hand on a regular basis.

Also hubby cycles a lot. He wanted to be somewhere he could be up and out into open countryside with ease. Not something Melbourne could offer us. Here we are in the countryside within a minute of leaving our house. But can also be in the CBD in 30 minutes. And the beach in 10. 

Adelaide isn't perfect, nowhere is though I don't think, but it is IMHO a lovely place to live. I do love it. The CBD is plenty big enough for me (this from a person who has lived and spent time in some amazing cities around the world including New York, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Dublin and more) and has lots to offer. World class sports venue in the Adelaide Oval and it also hosts concerts and other events. Theatres, cinemas, malls, museums. Amazing beaches and coast. And also some lovely towns up in the hills to offer a day out in the countryside. Throw in the festivals like the Fringe (a month long event) and plenty of acts that perform in and around the city, zoo, parklands, central market, wide choice in suburbs and affordability and more and we are happy as anything. 

Some people equate it to an English country town in its feel but having lived in a few of them too over the years, I don't think its even close to that in comparison. Its a city with a clear CBD central area. It has city area beachside suburbs in the west, most are pretty hip, popular and in demand. The eastern suburbs with those closer to the CBD having a pretty vibrant feel and plenty of options cafe/dining and shop wise etc. Then it has the suburbs heading out in different directions and they are of course quieter in terms of things going on. And further out again to the southern coastal suburbs and those inland. Admittedly if you don't visit the CBD often or at all, you would probably say Adelaide is sleepy with nothing going on but thats what you see from your own door if you don't venture out into it much. We make use of the CBD lots and don't struggle for things to do. 

Down side for some can be its a long drive to Melbourne or any place else of substance population wise. But that could be said of Melbourne once you head out and away from it. And Perth. East coast is more populated obviously but its a big distance still between Sydney and Brisbane say. However, apart from when we are looking for a short break away, camping or a beach house or some such, I don't find it an issue. I moan about only going a few hours down the road to Robe as a get away but in all honesty, going there once a year for a few days or a week is fab and we really enjoy it. Its a very different way of holidaying many Aussies have and many don't seem to venture out of the state let alone the country for their annual vacation. Its more relaxed and about kicking back than cramming in the sights or sitting on a beach baking all day. Its something I am still getting used to vacation wise. 

The past week or so for example we have been boogie boarding/swimming down at the beach some evenings, cinema, out walking trails, into the CBD for a day of museums, library (Mortlock wing is amazing) and visited the Tour Down Under (bike race) village. We are heading to a public outdoor swimming pool with waterslides tomorrow, have a playdate later in the week and on the weekend will probably hit the beach again and BBQ if its too hot to want to cook. We also have a waterslide at home we set up on hot days and the kids love that. My son also has his swimming and diving lessons this week (if we had been in the UK the nearest pool for him learning to dive was a 2.5 hour drive away, here 15 minutes away). Oh and if we had been organised we'd be going to the Big Bash T20 Strikers game at Adelaide Oval but I wasn't so we're not :cute:

I guess much is what you make of it yourselves. We have a balance with work and social life that we are happy with and works for us. I can't imagine we'd have that balance in Sydney or Melbourne. We'd have it to a degree but we'd not have the facilities all as close as they are here and we'd be compromising on certain things more I feel. 



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