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Hi all, I immigrated nearly 6 years ago. My sister is now hoping to do the same. She turns 34 in March so unless the 1 year work visa age is increased to 35 whereby she could then apply for a second year extension & hopefully secure something permanent within that timeframe she is going to have to go down another route. 

When we immigrated Permanent Residency was the 176 visa (I think). Which is easier to obtain permanent residency or sponsorship via a company? What kind of timeframe will she be looking at for each of them? For company sponsorship, does she just look on Seek etc find a job that she’s qualified for, ring & ask if they recruit from overseas? Or is it more complicated or a better way of doing it? Sorry if these are stupid questions, I’m so far gone from this process now, I’m wondering how I ever got in!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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She has a first class honours degree in Marketing. She hasn’t been able to gain employment in that area though since she graduated 2 years ago. She works in a pharmacy handling many aspects including their advertising. She advertises her professional profile on LinkedIn & has obtained a few short term digital marketing & advertising jobs. Would this be enough?

I’m in Adelaide, so should be looking to come to SA.

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She needs to go through and check the list (due to be updated again soon I think). 

Tbh I am not familiar with the most recent list and it may be her profession is not on there. If she doesn’t have the skills/qualifications/experience required then I’d not hold out much hope there. 

She could have an consult with reputable migration agent to see if she could possibly gain a visa.


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