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Short term lettings

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    Hi Guys,


    Mrs and I (plus 2 small children) are going to Adelaide next Saturday (10th Feb) for a two weeks reccie before returning the to UK.


    These two weeks are sorted via Airbnb but I am considering coming back to Adelaide on my own soon after to look for work while Mrs B handles sale of house before bringing out kids to join me.


    Current thoughts - I would take a room/short term lodging in a house while looking for work, and then family would come out for another short term letting while we look for a longer term rental in Henley Beach (we want to get the Henley Primary School catchment area).


    There are other variations on this theme depending on feedback I get from recruiters, job apps and the house sale, but this is the current train of thought.


    We are there in ten days now, so just wanted to get any suggestions as to specialist agents or any people to visit while we are there to get a better understanding of how things work?


    Appreciate any thought or suggestions.


    Many Thanks in advance,



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