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Please Read - Managing forum notifications & emails

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Can members Please read the following post, which details how to manage forum notifications. 

Unfortunately, due to a handful of members incorrectly flagging notification emails they have chosen to receive as 'spam', the server IP address has been blacklisted by yahoo. As such, all members with yahoo email accounts (including on our other forums) are no longer able to receive emails from the forum.

I'm in the process of trying to resolve this, however, if members don't wish to receive email notifications, can they please read the following post.


Default Notification Settings

Selecting Notification Settings on in the "Other Settings" section of your account settings page (https://www.pomsinadelaide.com/settings/)


will present you with all the options for how notifications are create for you by default when creating or replying to content, along with other events on the site. 

In the top section of this page you will see something similar to the below. First of all you will notice on the right the "Browser notifications enabled" sign. This means that if your browser allows desktop notifications, it will notify you even when you are not active on that page.

On the left you will see a series of options which will allow you to set the automatic notification options relevant to your account. So for example you may want to be automatically set as following an item of content and receive notifications for that followed content whenever you reply to an item. From here you can set this up.


In the botton half of the page, you can then set up the notification types for each notifiable item on the site. So you may wish to set up notifications and emails for when someone sends you a message on the site, however you may only want to get a notification in the notification list for someone who sets to follow you.



Managing existing followed content

With all the content that you can follow on the forum, it is important that you can manage this easily and in one place. You can manage your followed content in this way by selecting your name in the top right, then selecting "Manage Followed Content"


When clicking on this option, you will be presented with the following screen. You will notice that you can filter through different types of content using the menu on the left of the page


To change the way in which you follow (or indeed remove completely) you can select the Change Preference button provided next to a given item. This will then present you with the various options you can change.


In addition to this method, you can also do this with multiple items at once. To do this, you select the checkboxes next to each item that you want to change. On clicking one or more of these checkboxes, you will be shown a menu at the bottom of the screen to change the options as you wish. This is shown in the screenshot below.



There's also an option so that you can unsubscribe yourself from all followed content with one click - as shown in the screenshot below ('Remove from All Content')


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