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Hi everyone, we are in the process of organising everything for our move to Adelaide in August, very exciting! I was wondering if it will be possible to organise a loan to buy a car before/as soon as we arrive. I will not be working initially, but my husband will be staying in Singapore in his current job until he finds a new one (hopefully only a few months after we arrive), so we will have an income. Thanks

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I doubt you could buy one before arriving. As to buying one when you arrive, I really would not like to say. Without a job inside of Australia, salary slips and so on I don't know if finance companies are going to want to throw money at you, especially if you are talking a larger amount for a newer car.

It may be you need to look at your finances and perhaps consider buying a cheaper 2nd hand car as a run around to get you going till you can afford something more expensive or your husband has secured work in the country. Getting finance on a car is a big ask when you first arrive as you are spending money left and right in the whole setting up costs, school fees, uniforms, bills, rentals, food (till you've worked out where is best to shop for you all) and so much more. 

FWIW we bought a car when we arrived for around $6,000 and with fairly low KM's and 12 months rego more or less and its lasted us 4.5 years. We planned to buy newer a long while back, after the first 6-12 months but the car kept going, was fine to drive and did the job so we decided to put our money to other things we felt more important at the time. Its only now we've decided to upgrade and we've been fine all this time. Driven almost 100,000km in it with some long trips too. New car is lovely though now we have it but glad we put our money to other things for the last few years. 


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