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Schools private vs public

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Hi there, 


We intend to move to South Australia in June 2018 with 3 kids, 17,15 & 12 . The eldest has to go to an IB school to complete her IB DP year 12 there but I am considering if it would be a good idea to consider the other schools for my younger ones, a boy Grade 9 and girl Grade 6 . What fee difference would I be looking at in case of the choice approximately. 

Would appreciate a fee suggestions of some local schools that offer IB programmes. Is that going to be decided on the basis of our accommodation as I haven’t figured that out yet. Suggestions are most welcome . 


Kind Regards 



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This site has info on the schools offering IB. I selected SA already. They list state and private. 


FWIW almost all state high schools are zoned. Usually people need to reside in the zone and be able to prove this. Some of the really in demand schools are no longer accepting new intakes if you move into the zone mid year or after the Y7 intake. They require people to have lived in the zone prior to beginning high school as the demand on places is so high.

You would have to check with the state schools on their enrolment policy and the IB. I really don’t know if they differ at all.

Some state primaries are zoned. Again, they will require proof of lease.

If you are looking at private you can take your pick. Fees will range from about $8,000-$23,000 and possibly more for high school. Some of the lower fee high schools seem to rate very well alongside their far more expensive ones. 

I am not sure there are many options state school wise for your eldest but you can check and see what’s offered.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I just joined this community and would check the kids section to have a little more insight on the school scnene in SA. 


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There are lots of school in Adelaide that offer the middle years IB (up to year 10) but I'm pretty sure that the only state school that offers the IB in years 11 and 12 is Glenunga.  My OH spoken to them about our eldest going there to do year 11 and 12 and they were open to applications even though we are not in the zone but he would have had to be getting A grades in all subjects for them to consider taking him.  As friendship groups are really important to my eldest we decided not to pursue this any further.


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