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Regional farm work for working visa

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Hi my son is over here on a working visa and is looking to try and do his regional work so he can apply for his 2nd year. 

Does anyone know any places to look or have any contacts you could put us in touch with. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Its not the best time of year as lots of the harvesting of crops in and around Adelaide has been done. There are going to be some going but not sure the demand on those jobs from other backpackers. Could be they have headed to a warmer climate over winter so less people to fill the jobs. 

Might be worth to check out the YH's notice boards and see if there is anything listed there. Also Gumtree and the backpacker sites job listings. I know of farms but they are all a long ways from Adelaide itself and would mean a 3 month stint and honestly don't think they have anything this time of year. Or else he could research and go interstate for the 3 months to a farm or station that will go toward his regional work. 

Found this listing of more local places


Whatever he does, he needs to make sure its a legit business/company that is able to sign off on his regional work once done. And to ensure he reads the ins and outs of what he has to do hours wise etc to qualify. Make himself fully informed. So often people misunderstand or don't bother to learn the actual requirements and think a few hours a day over 88 days is enough or fall short of actual hours worked or earnings and therefore don't get their second year. Would be a shame to do all that seasonal work for not great pay and to not qualify for the second year. He can read about it in more detail but here are a couple of links that explain it better than I can (if he isn't already up to speed).





Edited to add - If he is wanting to visit somewhere but not go too far (would have to live on site for the duration) then Kangaroo Island may be worth a look. Be cold this time of year for sure but could offer him options. 


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Thanks for the reply we saw some work around the Renmark area but there wasn't a lot of it. 

He has a friend who is also travelling so they are going to go up to Queensland where there is a bit more work. I think he is fully aware of the hours and days he needs to fulfill and hopefully it won't be too strenuous finding the work. 

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