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887 Criteria - Working full time for a year - contract work/self employed

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Hello all,


I received the good news today that my 489 visa has been granted, so should be moving over to Adelaide by the end of the year in order to coincide with the start of the new school year.


My goal is to obtain Permanent Residency through an 887 and then Citizenship – in order to gain PR, I must have:


  • Have lived in a specified regional area of Australia for at least two years

  • Have worked full time in a specified regional area for at least one year


I fully intend in making Adelaide my families future home, but worry about meeting the ‘worked full time for a year’ criteria due to the nature of work that I do, and therefore the consequences if I don’t.


You see I am an IT Project Manager, and looking at the job ads, many are contract based for 6 months, or a year – which means that I may have more than one contract, with breaks in between. Plus, I’m likely to be self employed/working through my own Australian equivalent of a Limited Company if I go down this route.


My questions are:


  • How are the contracts viewed, are the contract durations added together, or do I have to achieve full-time employment for a year without breaks in-between contracts?

  • Does contract work even count – or do I have to be employed full-time by a company.

  • Even though I’m the main visa applicant, could my wife meet the working criteria for the family ?(she’s a teacher – so it may be easier for her to achieve the year)

  • Could I set up my own equivalent of a Limited Company in Adelaide and employ myself, or could I work for a Limited Company Equivalent that my wife sets up and be employed through it


Does anyone know where I can find out more information about this, or someone whom I can contact to discuss?



Your help is much appreciated

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