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489 Granted, Landing in 2 weeks - tips please

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My 489 state Sponsored visa came through about 4 weeks ago. I'm coming over on the 10th Aug with the family to activate it - questions are:

1. Do I just turn up, is activation an automatic process - or do I need to do something?

2. How do I get the equivalent of a national Insurance number in order to start work and pay tax?

3. Do I need travel insurance anymore/what medical cover do I now have?

Can anybody recommend someone in Adelaide that I can arrange to meet to discuss this and meeting the PR criteria





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Once you arrive in the country then your visa is activated automatically when you go through passport control, there is nothing that you need to do officially.

There is no insurance number yet as you are not entitled to centrelink etc until you get PR. Everything is linked to your passport. You can apply online for a tax number once you have entered the country and have an address. It is a very simple process and you can obtain the info on the ATO website.

On a 489 you are not entitled to Medicare until you get PR and will have to obtain your own medical insurance. This may be different if you are from the UK which may have reciprocity with Oz.


Good luck




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