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Single Parents

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Any single parents done their move to Oz/Adelaide? Or is it just me who's the crazy one?!

New to Adelaide, new to forums.

Looking for things to do that I don't feel too uncomfortable going alone. Any single parents? Have a 13yrs old and who would like recommendations on things for young people to do.

Any advice on EVERYTHING basically!? Any help/advice/recreation ideas would be most appreciated. 


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Hello and welcome ?

Not a single parent. Moved here with my Aussie hubby a few year back now. Son is 11 next birthday. Hubby worked from the get go and so it was left to me to get on with things child wise and to make my own friends, explore Adelaide and so on. 

Lots to do, just depends on you and your teen. Interests? Sports played? Beach or nature lover? Music? Something else? 

My son took up diving a while back and is loving it. Also does squads swimming. And plays footy, cricket and does athletics including cross county and track events. We are Adelaide Crows members also and play club footy (son and husband) which is a very social thing for parents I’ve found.

We also do things like hike some nature trails, cycling, boogie boarding at the beach in the warmer months, movies, theatre, festivals (cars/motor sport, music, fringe etc), local attractions and more. Recently took a road trip and did the Great Ocean Road. 

Happy to meet up when you arrive if you would like. Or to chat a bit more via PM ? 

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Morning Everyone,

Been scrolling through this forum for a while now, some really useful advice, so thank you.

We've been trying to make the move over to Adelaide and after a lot of work and waiting, we  got enough points (80) to apply through 489 Visa on high points. Unfortunately some additional rules were added shortly after the job list was released and before we could apply, which meant we could apply as a marketing specialist through this avenue (back to square one)

I was advised the best options, was to get a job offer, then I can apply through a 482 as my job is on the Short term list. Then after 6 months I could apply for PR through a 187 via direct entry stream (if no rules changed)

Now I have just received a job offer,

My worry is with moving over with my OH and 2 kids, I'm concerned that the rules may change and our route to PR is closed. Is it worth the risk moving over on a temporarily 482 TSS visa and hoping we should be able to get a 187 in 6 months. Has anyone had any similar experience or advice.



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Hiya royjon I moved to Adelaide in June with my wife and 2 girls but on a PR visa and loving it.

Different position to you but only you can decide the answer to your question.

In the current climate anything could happen, the rules could change in your favour or put you further away.

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