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Hello I am Arshad. 34 years old an electrician (house wiring)by profession.

I have 2 year  work experience in malaysia,

3rd years is running in saudi arab(curruntly working in saudi). 

Also work in India in wood barn company who build hut in india as an electrician.

I am looking for a job in Australia as an electrician.

Looking for some good option

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I think you need the visa first, then to make the move and get your Aus certs before you can work here as an electrician. Hopefully those who have gone through the process can explain in more detail. 


You can check here if your trade is on the skills list and if so, what visa options there are. Also the TRA. You can read more on that here https://www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/


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Hi I'm an electrician in Adelaide who moved over from the UK. 

To be able to get any sort of license over here you need to get a thing called an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). 

This can only be gained if you are a qualified electrician and have a minimum of 5 years experience. 

To gain the OTSR you need to apply to Vettasses and fill out all the paperwork to prove you have completed an electrical qualification. You also have to give them reference letters from college and past employers. 

Once they are happy with all the paperwork they will invite you to do a Skills test. This consists of a day in college doing a theory test and practical exam. Neither are hard but they are just trying to make sure of a few things before they give you an OTSR. 

I believe this can be done in Australia also but you would not be able to get a restricted licence until you have it. 

When you have your restricted licence you will be able to work as a Trades assistant until you complete all your gap study over here to then get your full electrical licence. 

There may be other ways of doing this but that is the way I have done mine and all other sparkies I have spoken to had to go the same way. 

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